About N1990B

first_rollout.jpgN1990B “Chickadee” is 1947 Luscombe 8E. It was originally built as an 8A model and later converted to the C85-12F engine with electrical system and wing tanks.

She is in a shared ownership of my mom and my and based at our home field Celle-Arloh, Germany (EDVC). We gave her the name “Chickadee” after my fathers german nickname “Meise” and in memory to him since he passed away in a GA plane crash in 2006. Even thow she has a name I usually abbreviate her to 90B.

90B was formally based at Louisville, KY (KLOU) where we bought her. But than the problems began. We had an airplane over seas that is not really capable of doing long over water flights especially during the winter as we purchased her in December 2014. To see how we got her to Germany, check out the Transfer-page.