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Snow Flight 01/28/17

Hey folks,

It’s been a while since the last activity in the blog. But as I figured out how to use my GOPRO’s I took chance of the latest snow fall here in northern Germany to take 90B up for a flight over that winter wonder land.

Because it will be my fist flight on a snow covered runway watch how I try to figure out, how the airplane reacts. As I can say, my biggest fear was to sink in so deep that the planes would nose over.

Enjoy the video and keep three green!


German Private Practical Exam

Friday, April 1st. Hugo and I arrived at the airfield at about 9am. The task was to fix the landing light, fuel up and head for Bienenfarm (EDOI) to meet Thomas Schütthoff, my examiner to take the German Private Practical Exam. Why? Well, because our holy European Union decided that they can not convert foreign pilot certificates that meet ICAO standards anymore. If you want to do this never the less, you need to pass a partial written exam and the full practical test. So even I have proven that I am capable of operating an airplane in America, I was expected to do it again. Continue reading

New copilot

Me with Hugo

During the bad weather season of last winter I got myself a new copilot. Hugo a 6 year old dog I adopted from the animal shelter joined me for his first flight in an airplane ever. After getting used to the noise he seemed to enjoy the ride. As a first trip we did a a 20 minute flight around our home town Celle.

Let keep looking forward to our next adventure while the weather is improving…